Girl,Synonym Of Power!!

Yes,I am a girl!

   And yeah I am proud to be the one!!

Yes I love to be cool!

  So is that any crime?

  Yeah I love late night parties,

But that doesn’t mean I am a slut..!!

Yeah, I love to go to pubs!

     But it’s not a topic for gossip!

Yes, I have great legs!

    But, that’s not for you to stare!

Yes, I ain’t a virgin!!

   So, Is there a permit for you to judge me?

Yes, I go on periods..!

   But it’s not a national topic that you’ll keep talking about !!

Yes, I am frank,

  But that really doesn’t mean I will sleep with you!

Yes, I have male friends!

   That doesn’t mean I am a whore!

Yes, I am a girl!

 But that doesn’t mean I’m a BURDEN!


  And, It’s a synonym of POWER..!!


An unplanned journey

It all started,

   From that day,

A request of follow!

A request to ,

An unstarted love!!

  A request to,

Be forever of him!!

  A request to be accepted!

Making each other as once favourite!!

    They started their journey!!

A journey unplanned!

      A journey in distant!

Crying, laughing!!

      They unknowingly fell for each other!

     Those time gaps!

Those measuring distances!

   Those teasing!!

  Left Thier  friendship in other way!

A way of love!

    A way that they will never understand!.

A way that took Thier sleep!!

    a way that took them to  other world!

  They waited for the confession day!!

They waited to call each other WE!


A day came when he confessed his love!

   A love for her princess!

A love so magical!

    Those magical love!!

Gave her  a life to live!

   They were living in each other but from distace!!

A love of distance ,

   A love of long distance!!

Every vnight they came close to each other!!

   They fight!

They love!

    They tease!

But they never go far!

   They were living in a distance!

But a distance which came closer each day!

Tangled Soul

​It all started from that school ground…

Where she with the book 

And he with that basketball…

Time faded…

Their casual friendship turned into forever friendship,

Season’s passed by,

   Their friendship grew as stronger as ionic bond,

As the raindrops touches their face,

   Thoughts of friendship kept lingering inside their head.

But the time made u swipe in my heart!!

Those memories.

The School recess,those college canteens. 

   Those playground , those parks 

   those bunking classes 

To giving those exams!!

   I feel for u!!

No matter how 

No matter when!

He interrogates himself every night,

   Is it LOVE?


  Is it friendship?

Or is it more than JUST FRIENDS?

 Maybe both, 

 Maybe nothing .
   And she there with….

Dreams in her mind!

  Staring to his photo!!

Like a bridal waiting for her bride!

   BT her thoughts gave her a break…

     When that just friends added up to the list!

 But for him…

   She is a memory

She is his words!!

She is his night!!

She is his sunshine!!
But for her,

  He is the unforgettable lyrics,

 His face is a romantic blank verse,

 He is the beautiful twilight light ,

He is the favorite sight.
 For them they were everything!!

 But Thier words always fell short to say….

  Their mind stuck of thinking about their future!!

My firt collaboration with this talented writer “SAIZAL GUPTA”

A love like this..!

A hi to a girl,

He loved!!

A hi to a princess!!

A love to a girl,

A love to an angel,

A love like,

He had never imagined…


Looking to her eyes!

He fell for her,

Her moving lips,

Her gentle hair,  

Which falls on her face!!

Takes him to a world of Paradise!!

He glance at her!

She was a beauty!

He wanted to make her only his!!

   He wanted to talk!!

He wanted to say you are beautiful,

But somewhat things hold him!

He set his eyes on her daily,

But his feets didn’t command to move!!

His mind stuck at the  moment when he saw her,

Losses of beats !!

And he turned in red!

Restless on his bed,

Making dreams of them!!

Just by seeing her ,

He fell in love with her!

He wanted to tell,

He love her!!

And the day came 

When he first said hi!

When his eyes set deep down her eyes!!

   It reflects pain!

But her Beauty hides it all!!

   They become friends!!

But he wanted to be more than it!!

She trusted him!!

She likes her but!

Just as a friend!!

He wanted to say he love her!!

But the words Fall short!!

And ,

The day he decided..

To confess his love 

To confess he loved her!!

To say she is beautiful!!

Just the day ,

The girl told he loved a guy!!

He was all broken!!

Every broken piece was shouting from inside !!

He was crying but to her ,

He smiled !!

He turned and in a sigh!!

And said!

    I love you and will always do!!

She in excitement!

Narrating her story …

Her smile,

Was soothing 


It was pinching him from inside !

Her touch to him was breaking his heart!!

He decided to leave !

But seeing his family his feets took a back!

He left the place ,

Without talking to her!!

Without saying anything!!

Years passed……

He misses her a lot…

Dialling her number,

Erased on and on!!

Suddenly one day,

   His phone bell ringed,

He said gently hello,

A girl from the other side!

In a deep tone she said hi!!

Once he understood!

She was there !!

He consoled her and asked…

What happened??

Tears in eyes !!

He wiped them off!!

She said ,

My love gone far!

A place where I can never get!

Where are you ?

I miss u a lot!!

He smiled!!

From outer ,

But cried from inside !

He lied to her,

Said I’m well settled here!

I don’t care what you do!

It’s your life!!

The shocking words from him!!

Shook the girl from inside!

He Disconnect and cried for hours !!

She was crying there as he lost her best friend!!!

He wanted to say he missed her!

But now,

It was too late!

Once again,

He wanted to be with her,

But now it was too late!

And now ,

After years,

They met!!!

Both married!!

They saw each other with a smile!

Today too boy loved her!


He held her wife’s hand …

Just to calm his soul!!!


“Identity Of A Girl..”

“Identity Of A Girl…”

Today scrolling through posts…
I found one thing..actually a word..
Wait..!! Just a “Four” letter word Which let me think so
much “RAPE”..
Thinking in the mean time I remembered that I have classes
so I just
hung up my bag and went there…I stepped out of
my house & found a
busy world!!…
And there I found a girl..!!
She was scared.. her expression was telling
I moved close to her & I asked her several times…
But she didn’t responded..!!! As I was being late so I just
left her there
& attended my classes. Somewhere in my mind
I was thinking about that girl…
I was thinking about why was
she scared ??..
As the clock struck!! I just moved from there
hanging up the bag again on my
shoulder…With search in my
eyes of that girl!! I found her…!!!
She was still there sitting with the same expressions on her
She was crying, I just sat beside her and with relax
tone I asked!!!
What happened dear ??…
She kept silent.. And once again with all my patience
I had
with me…
I said…!!! You can share with me…
Treat me as your friend..
She smiled a bit and looked at me..
She just asked!! Do u fear from boys..??
I reacted weirdly to her question & said NO!! Why do I ??
She with a smile
said yeah! why do… I too never get feared
with them but now I am!!!
That answer forced me to think..
She just said I was raped…!!
With my eyes whole open wide..
I just stared at her.. “Rrraaappeeedddd”…
I literally stammered!! She moved from there..
I was still sitting on
that bench…
And there I was thinking!!! Thinking!!
Why thinking how..An anger so came..!!
I just moved from there as my phone was ringing frequently…
I just went
home and straight to my room..
Laying on the bed I thought so..!!!
Why??.. are we(girls) not humans??
Are we not so independent to do what we
want to..??
Do we not have this much security in our own home..??
Weird..!!! We say India is being developed but actually it’s
backward.. Where a girl is not respected but we do
worship goddess…
Where we want a girlfriend but we don’t
want a daughter!!!
Where a brother can beat anyone if he says
anything to her sister..
But if the same brother says to any
other girl..
He may treat himself as a Superstar, Stud…!!
Girls not recognized as girls..!!!
They are recognized as “Sluts, Whores, Prostitutes”…
Why guys… Are we (girls) not having names….!!!
Going through all these questions I just picked up a pen and
started writing…
And here I ask u all..Do we (girls) don’t have this much
security in our home(India)..???

A Valentine’s evening!!

Hey,IAm writing this blog post towards #magicoflove contest by #Novemberchild.

    So here it is!

Phone bell so rang…

   The hello so sounded!!..

With a tone of love!

       He whispered..!

A surprise for you waiting …


Be there at “6” in eve!!

The voice so said…

With that kiss,

       He ended the call!!

With excitement in eyes!

    And thoughts in my mind.. 

I figured myself in the mirror…

    Looking at my eyes..

  I remembered..

   The first time ,

I saw him!

   The first time,

I adore him!!

   The first time,

I thought About him!!

  Looking at my lips ,

I remembered..

   The first time 

I whispered his name!!

    The first time..

When he touched my lips…

     Blushing so,

   I looked in mirror…

I remembered,

            Our meeting!!

Closing my eyes,

     And recapped through..



   On the bed…


Thinking of the,


Holding the pillow…

      Like ,

It was him!!

Wishing for,

        That night to end,

That fast!!

       The morning,

So came…

    As I,

Opened my eyes…

  Smiling through the happiness..

I gazed the time…


      Waiting for that,

Clock to strike at “6”

   And being ready in the mean time!

  Heart beats..

   So skipped

When the clock,

         Shouted “6”


     Butterflies in my stomach…

  And excitement in eyes.. 

I headed to the door..

   Waited for the car to come!!

And thinking,

                 Surprise of his!!

  And just then,

There came a car,

      Which took me down

  To that dream land!!

      Waiting for my prince!!

And eyes on  that clock!!

      The car so stopped..

  On the destination of “ours”!

Foot so step!

      On the pettles of rose. !

Eyes so fell,

          On that stylised heart he made..

   Heart so,


When I saw him there!!

    Talking from eyes!!

And saying stupid..

      In my mind!!!

  Music so played!!

    On the meeting of us!

       A tune of love!!

Surrounded that place!!

     Dancing with

  The music…

         He bent down there!!

Took my hand,

                And placed the ring..!

The diamond ring..

          That shined like us!!

With blush in my eyes.!

I looked at him…

    He was going to say…..

          And just then,

     The alarm so rang!


  Voice of mumma,

             Waking me up!!

Realizing it was a dream!!

        It made me smile..!

Saying myself stupid..

     I rushed to get ready..


      Now thinking of my 

   VALENTINE to come!!





I am not the one. To be called yours!


I just fear of these things much!!


It’s my insecurity!

That messing up my mind…


It’s our destiny which 

Tied us in one soul…


Somedays were nightmare for us!


The day we  were intracted…

    Was named only for us!!


  I am jealous…

when someone talks to you!!


Maybe .

I am just afraid to loose the gem..


There are people’s…

That are way better from us!!

But hey,

       For me..


A meeting!



That smell of yours!

Waiting for that arrival!!

And waiting for that one call!!

Beats so skip!!

When he arrived there!!

A message of memories!!

So started there!!

Making list of places to visit!!

But, at last…

The favourite was 

In each other arms

Being in crowd

But searching for those eyes 

To whisper..

Walking through every road..

And their making memories!!

Sounds of laughter..


Magic of those eyes!!!

A fear of losing!!

Each other!!

Riding through happiness!

Touching his fingers,

To make a new phase!!

Like no other!!

Kissing every moment!!

And waving to those tears!!

Which so fell…

On the exit of us!!


​Girls ..

A love of life!


   The strength of our society!


   A respect to their parents!!


    A blessing to a family…


    A treasure!

That should be protected!!

    Not sold!!

To say,

    They are gems…

  Is true!!

But to say,

     They are toys!!

Is wrong!

  To say,

They are the future heros!

Is true!!


To say ..

Their place is at shoe!!

Isn’t true!!

To say,

She is a problem 

  To say,

She is a burden!!


       Your mentality!!

Not her’s..

         Girls are no sluts,

               Or whores!

They are humans!!

 Who have right to be called one!!


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